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Cistercian & Monastic Subjects

Anglican Cistercians (Wikipedia Entry)
Wikipedia – Cistercians
Our Order is mentioned on the Wikipedia website.
Read the “Today – Organisation” paragraph
Br Aelred Arnesen OC (1925-2022)
Personal Website – Anglican Cistercian Monk from the
former Ewell Monastery in Kent
Cistopedia is a joint project involving the Cistercian family and
anyone else who has information or items to contribute
Cistercian Publications
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
Cistercian Studies Quarterly, founded in 1966, is an
international review of the Christian monastic and
contemplative spiritual tradition
Citeaux – Commentarii Cisterciences
A journal of historical studies (in French & English)
For fifty years, the journal ‘Citeaux: Commentarii
Cistercienses’ has made an important contribution to the
study of Cistercian history
Cisternet Homepage
Information about European Cistercians, Abbey’s,
Links, &tc
Western Michigan University Centre for Cistercian and
Monastic Studies
The RC Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance
This is the English page of the international website
published at the OCSO Generality in Rome
The RC Order of Cistercians of the Ordinary Observance
The Alliance for International Monasticism
Benedictine & Cistercian
The Observantiae Course
is a continuation of the Exordium course our Community
studied (see RC OCist website, under the label ‘Formation’
for information)  

Basic Cistercian Texts

The Charter of Charity
Constitution of the Cistercian Order
The Exordium Cistercii
History of the Cistercians
Exordium Parvum
History of the Cistercians & Reform
Exordium is a Programme of Reflection and Study on the
Values of the Cistercian Reform


Introducton & Rule of Saint Benedict
The Rule of Saint Benedict
The Online Guide to Saint Benedict of Nursia
Daily readings and reflections of the RB.
A lot of information about Saint Benedict and many
more (mainly Roman Catholic) resources.
Worth a (regular) visit
Video of Luke Dysinger OSB
Fr Luke Dysinger OSB speaking on the difference between
the Rule of the Master and the Rule of Saint Benedict,
particularly in their view of the abbot
Introduction to Lectio Divina
Oremus Bible Browser
Daily Prayers & Readings from the Divine Office

Anglican Subjects

The Anglican Communion Official Website
Anglican Religious Communities
Anglican Religious Life
Information about the Religious Life in the Anglican
Anglicans Online
About anything you may want to find out about Anglicans
and the Anglican Church(es) worldwide
Anglicans Online
(as above) Religious Orders’ page
Archbishop of Canterbury’s Website
Church of England Official Website
CofE – Book of Common Prayer
The full texts of the BCP
CofE Common Worship on Kindle, iPad, iPod, &tc
Common Worship Texts
Community of St Mary the Virgin, Wantage
The Anglican Cistercians greatly enjoy staying with the
Sisters for their Chapter meetings
Mucknell Anglican Benedictine Abbey
Formerly this Community of Monks and Nuns were based
at Burford Priory. They are now in Worcestershire
Project Canterbury
Project Canterbury’ is a free online archive of
out-of-print Anglican texts and related modern
RooT – Religious of Orthodox Tradition (Anglican)
Ship of Fools
Thinking Anglicans
Thinking Anglicans is a website for thoughtful
contributions to the proclamation of the gospel message.
Here writers reflect on what it means to be a Christian,
particularly in Britain today.
Thinking Anglicans is a focal point where you can find
the words of informed contributors to the contemporary
understanding of Christian faith, as well as the views of


BBC Homepage
Say No To
Say No To: 0870 and Other Non-Landlines. This Website
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