Our Community

Our Community at Lambeth Palace 26 May 2017, for the Solemn Profession of three of our brothers. (left to right: Br Ælred, Archbishop Justin Welby, our Prior Br Bernard, our Sub-Prior Br Christian, our Episcopal Visitor Bishop Tony Robinson, and Br Gilbert – alas, missing is our Br Mark who was absent due to illness)

The Table of Seniority in the Anglican Order of Cistercians

The Solemnly Professed

1. The Revd Br Bernard, OC, (Prior) [brbernard.oc@talktalk.net]

2. The Revd Br Christian, OC (Sub-Prior) [brchristian.oc@btinternet.com]

3. The Revd Br Ælred, OC

The Simple Professed

4. The Revd Br Mark, OC

5. The Revd Br Gilbert, OC (Novice Master) [br.gilbert.oc@gmail.com]