Our Safeguarding Policy

All Anglican Religious Communities, both Recognised and Acknowledged, are required to have safeguarding procedures in place. Like many other religious communities, our community voted in a 2021 Chapter to align itself with the central policy for Religious Communities set out by the Church of England.

A PDF copy of that policy can be access here:

The best place to see more about this policy and our safeguarding work is to visit the online portal which is updated constantly. You will find it here:

Once you have opened this link, scroll down the opening page of the e-document and click on ‘Safeguarding for Religious Communities’ you can see how this important way of living within the Church impacts on our life and the lives other religious.

Br Christian OC, our Sub-Prior, is our Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) 

The role of the DSP is to provide advice and support to all members of the community, including leaders, guests and visitors. The DSP will be the first point of contact for any concerns which are raised. One key aspect of the DSP role is to help develop and promote a healthy, safer community. The role is not simply about reacting to situations, but proactively identifying and mitigating risks where these exist, having open discussions about behaviour, regular meetings with our Prior and Episcopal Visitor as well as helping to embed safeguarding throughout the life of our community. 

Br Christian will also work alongside a Designated Safeguarding Authority DSA. This aligns our Order with an established and professional safeguarding team within the wider Church of England (OC Charter B5.9). Our community elected the DSA already in place for our Episcopal Visitor, The Rt Revd Tony Robinson who, as well as being Visitor to a number of religious communities on behalf of the Church of England, is also the Bishop of Wakefield, and his diocese, like all dioceses, has its own Safeguarding Team on call at all times.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact

Br Christian OC: